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crawling baby toy
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crawling baby toy - Tiny Love
Tiny Love Follow Activity Toy, Me Fred
Tiny Love Follow Activity Toy, Me Fred
Tiny Love Follow Me Fred An adorable self-rolling puppy for your baby to chase, the Tiny Love Follow Me Fred doll encourages your little one to start moving those growing arms and legs. Soft barking will entice baby to crawl towards Fred, and you can set his speed to match your child's progression. With three playful tunes, a hologram, and a mirror with beads, the toy is just as fun catching it as chasing it. When they're old enough, show baby how to make Fred move by tapping above the tail. A terrific toy for developing emotional intelligence, motor, and cognitive skills, order the Tiny Love Follow Me Fred today!

The TINY LOVE Follow Me Fred is an adorable puppy with intriguing sounds and motions that are sure to delight your baby. Activated by your baby's touch, this self-rolling puppy will encourage crawling, and fun buttons and sounds will enhance your baby's cognitive development. Parents can even set Fred's rolling speed to customize it throughout their baby's crawling stages.
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Follow Me Fred
At a Glance:

Age/Weight Requirements:
6 months+

Assembly Requirements:
3 AA batteries (included)

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TINY LOVE Follow Me Fred TINY LOVE Follow Me Fred

Three cheerful tunes are activated when your child touches the colorful buttons.
TINY LOVE Follow Me Fred
TINY LOVE Follow Me Fred

Encourages crawling and helps enhance your baby's cognitive development.
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TINY LOVE 7 Elements

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Bright Colors, Fun Shapes, and Engaging Sounds
Follow Me Fred pleases the visual and tactile senses with his bright colors and his soft head and tail. He features three cheerful tunes that are activated when your child touches his colorful buttons. A mute button turns off the sound, should parents prefer more peace and quiet.
At the top of each leg, Fred has a fun button or shape. For example, on one leg he has a beaded mirror and on another, a hologram image. Your baby will have fun pressing these buttons.
Self-Rolling Puppy Encourages Crawling
Follow Me Fred uses movement to help encourage your baby to crawl. By touching the puppy, your baby activates him to move, helping pique your baby's interest and delight the senses. Your baby will be drawn to keep up with or pet Follow Me Fred as Fred moves along. Fred will bark encouragingly as a reminder for your baby to keep crawling after him.
Speeds to Suit Any Crawling Stage
Follow Me Fred can be set to move in a circular motion or in a straight line by manipulating the puppy's unique accordion-shaped body. Parents can set the puppy to walk at different speeds by pressing the paw button on Fred's front leg. This allows parents to customize Fred for your child's different crawling stages--slow at first and then faster when your baby is more able.
About TINY LOVE: Quality Developmental Products
Trusted by parents worldwide, TINY LOVE creates toys and products for babies by pairing the latest breakthroughs in child development with quality materials and design. Each product is crafted after consultation with child development experts, quality assurance specialists, and parents. TINY LOVE is passionate about providing parents and caregivers with resources to better a child's early development. For example, the TINY LOVE Developmental Center, a virtual space to share knowledge about child development. TINY LOVE's 7 Elements System categorizes the specific facets of a baby's development that is at the heart of each TINY LOVE product.
Committed to excellence, all of TINY LOVE's products meet the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and the European EN-71 (CE) standards.
What's in the Box
TINY LOVE Follow Me Fred and instruction guide.

TINY LOVE Follow Me Fred

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new toys
new toys
Our neighbor for the restaurant opened a adorable little consignment boutique called "the Family Tree". She has a bunch of fun toys and Fin gets to crawl around the store to his hearts content playing with whatever he can find (and then I tidy everything up after he's done!) 9 mo. 2 weeks. 4 days.
so many toys.
so many toys.
She LOVES her Happy Apple. We'll put it at her feet when she's on her back and she'll kick and kick it, she loves the noise. She is also trying to crawl (lacks the arm coordination still), but she'll reach with one arm toward it and try inching (or centimeter-ing) closer.

crawling baby toy
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