Baby Jogger City Mini Elite

baby jogger city mini elite
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Between the Baby Jogger City series strollers
Between the Baby Jogger City series strollers
The red one on the left is ours, a Baby Jogger City Elite stroller that I can push with one hand, maneuvers with ease and is so darn fun to push I've actually lost about 8 pounds since we've gotten it, just going for so many walks. River will push it around and around in circles for a looong time (I hold onto the handle b/c otherwise it would go too fast for him). The one on the right is a Baby Jogger City Mini (it belongs to my friend Stephany). Sometimes I do wish I'd gotten that one, as it handles nearly as well and fits through smaller spaces. And it's a lot cheaper. But I still LOVE my new stroller. I like this picture since you can see how much bigger one is than the other. I wish there'd been a picture like this when I was contemplating which to buy!
Jogger on the Cymyran beach on the Isle of Anglesey North Wales

baby jogger city mini elite
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