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Ashanti Baby Music Video

ashanti baby music video
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  • Ashanti is the self-titled debut studio album by American R&B singer Ashanti, released by Murder Inc. and Island Def Jam on April 2, 2002 in North America and April 8, 2002 in United Kingdom.
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ashanti baby music video - Ashanti
She Has Worked with Some of the Biggest Names in Pop: Ja Rule, Big Pun, J-lo, Fat Joe... Now, She is the First R&B Signing of the Infamous Murder Inc. Record Label. Ja Rule Has Helped Position her for Multi Platinum Success. This European Edition Includes Four Tracks Not on the Us Version: 'fight (Over Skit)', 'shi Shi (Skit)', 'dreams' and 'thank You'.

These days, R&B girls are a dime a dozen, but Ashanti Douglas is a step ahead of the pack. Youthful appeal and a pleasantly dreamy voice complement the 21-year-old singer/songwriter's ability to pen her own radio-friendly verses. However, Ashanti's young'un status shows itself through her treatment of the usual R&B-girl subject matter: love standing strong, love gone bad, and the search for love of self. Songs like "Foolish," "Happy," and "Baby" are as simple and agreeable as their one-word titles suggest, while "Call," "Movies," and "Over" take a slightly more earthy approach.
Ashanti is definitely R&B for the under-30 set, and as such it's bouncy and playful. This debut, as is to be expected of a Murder Inc. release, features a strong hip-hop element, including two duets with Irv Gotti's golden child, Ja Rule, and the sampling of a controversial Notorious B.I.G. composition in "Unfoolish." The kids should love it. --Rebecca Levine

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Ashanti & the Big Apple
Ashanti & the Big Apple
R&B singer Ashanti rides the Big Apple float at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City.
Lahela vs Ashanti
Lahela vs Ashanti
Lahela vs Ashanti, both in Light brown. They're so similar, but maybe Ashanti has a softer shapes.

ashanti baby music video
ashanti baby music video
Chapter II
The award winning singer's second album includes a track not found on the U.S. edition: "I Know".

This sophomore effort by 2002 hip-pop debutante Ashanti is aimed squarely at the mainstream portion of her audience. Where she made her name with radio-ready duets featuring Ja Rule and Fat Joe, Chapter II goes light on the rap, opting for only a small handful of cameos by co-producer Chink Santana. The mostly mid-tempo tracks are pleasant, but much of the album feels like an unfinished structure that’ll only be fully built when the songs are remixed for the airwaves. Still, with the star’s assured (and nicely undersold) vocals front and center, it amounts to a breath of fresh air from production company Murder Inc. Note: "Breakup 2 Makeup" once more updates the Chaka Khan/Mary J. Blige classic "Sweet Thing." --Rickey Wright

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