Welcome to this website. At the moment it's just about clothing and costumes.

15 august 2013: I'm not going to make promises about updating. I did sew a bit though. Fun new things are sewing with technical fabrics for outdoor gear. I'm also knitting again, because that is a bit more a social craft because it doesn't require noisy machinery. My ravelry username is Ashala. I sort of quit larping (haven't been to events in 2 years and I don't see it happening again) so there will probably be no more new costumes.

2 february 2011: Yeah, I know. Should update more. But I didn't sew that much last year. I was board member of my students union and busy studying. I made curtains for me and my boyfriend (after moving both to a new house) and sewed a dress and two skirts. No new larps, so no new costumes. Upcoming are a medieval inspired dress for a movie, two dresses and a pullover or dress. And pictures, I hope.

30 january 2010: I did quite some work in the Christmas break. I finished the corset (no pictures yet) and made pictures of other items, for example both prom dresses. So, much more to see now.

8 December 2009: In September I became member of the board of my students union. This is a more than full time occupation, so I have very little time left to sew or be otherwise creative. There are still no proper photo's of the prom dress from last May, or a page about the corset I made to go under it. On the plus side, I had a formal diner so I had to make a dress and uploaded the crappy ones for the old dress. And I'm making a corset and a skirt, both with baby steps at the time. Two weeks until Christmas break, so I hope to show you some results soon. 

8 July 2009: I did make a page for my favourite photo's, in contrary to what I said in my post on 7 april. I also added pictures of a skirt, a dress, two tops and a prom dress. Pictures of the 1870 ballgown will follow soon.

31 May 2009: With help of the website Obsidian Dawn I made a new banner and I did some minor layout changes. Last month I made a dress, the 1870 ballgown. There are no pictures yet, but some work in progress pictures and ramblings about construction and patterns.

7 April 2009: Today I finally uploaded some pictures to my flickr acount. The link is also on the links page. I'll keep my pictures there and won't post them here.

24 March 2009: I did a quite big update. New are the pages for Ashala's costume, underwear and coats. I added new items to tops, dresses and bags. There are more detailed (construction) pictures of Ide's dress.