Spotlight Kids Theater

“Through drama people can learn more about themselves and others and can develop a greater understanding of society. 1”

About the Program
The Spotlight curriculum is designed for all students from the very shy to the extremely extroverted. This is a pure acting class that does not use scripts,costumes or props, but instead relies on enhancing the child’s’ imagination, creativity and speaking skills using fun improvisational theater games. The basic concepts behind improvisation is listening, sharing, team-work and acceptance. We focus on the basic forms of acting utilizing the body, voice and mind. Each week is designed to build and further the lessons learned from the previous weeks, and the activities will bring the students to a level when they will be creating characters and having dialogue at the spur of the moment. 

We begin each day with a lesson that is connected with the game/activity of the day. There is also a warm-up (or ice breaker) that gives the students a chance to acclimate themselves to the performing aspects of that days lessons. The remainder of the day is devoted to the activity. The first part gives the students a chance to test and rehearse the game, and the second part brings the student in front of an audience to perform the game.

Curriculum Includes:
• Basic Acting Techniques
• Aspects of Conversation
• Keys to Creativity
• Voice Enhancing
• Public Speaking
• Self Esteem

Intermediate / Advanced Curriculum Includes
• On Stage Acting
• Auditions, Development & Techniques