Comic Creators

“Creative writing expresses the writer’s thoughts and feelings in an imaginative, often unique, and poetic way. Creative writing is guided more by the writer’s need to express feelings and ideas than by restrictive demands of factual and logical progression of expository writing.”

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About the Program
The program is designed to enhance a student’s writing, communication, and drawing skills. We’ll explore the wonders of the imagination by taking students step by step through the comic strip making process. Comic creators will enjoy creating their own comic book from start to finish.

Defending planet earth from a 50,000 lbs mechanical robot or overcoming a superhero’s greatest fear will be incorporated into the wildly imaginative stories that students will write and draw about.

Each days lesson will begin with a writing prompt. This allows students to begin thinking descriptively and conceptually about the assignment at hand. Final projects will be bound for students to take home and enjoy.

Curriculum Includes:
• Brainstorming
• Storyboard creation 
• Character and plot development
• Page layout
• Art lessons on perspective and horizon line 

Projects May Include:
• Saving Planet Earth
• Overcoming Your Greatest Fear
• Right vs. Wrong
• Important Social Issues