Chess Masters

“In a Texas study, regular (non-honors) elementary students who participated in a school chess club showed twice the improvement of non-chess players in Reading and Mathematics between third and fifth grades on the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills.”

About the Program
Chess Masters teaches children the exciting game of chess. Playing chess encourages problem solving and analytical skills, positive self-esteem, confidence and good sportsmanship.

This course is all encompassing, from the general rules of play to advanced tactics and strategy. The program is designed to teach not only the experienced player, but also the interested beginner. Beginning students learn all the pieces as well as check and checkmate. Intermediate and advanced level players will learn advanced level techniques and strategies to out-maneuver opponents in the tournament held on the 
6th week of the program. On the final day all students attend a last day chess carnival where they can play with friends of different levels, purchase items from our chess “store”, play with special character chess sets. All participants receive a Chess Masters T-shirt and official tournament medal. 

Curriculum Overview:
Intermediate/Advanced Curriculum Includes:
• Checkmate & Stalemate
• Pawn Promotion
• Center Board
• Piece Development
• Piece Value & Exchange
• Castling
• Introduction to Checkmates
• Back Rank Mate
• Damiano’s Mate
• Anastasia’s Mate
• Boden’s Mate