Welcome to the Nathan Rifkinson Gamma Knife® Center of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean 

Surgery with Gamma Knife®

Gamma Knife® surgery uses one of the most advanced technologies to treat diverse brain ailments. The Gamma Knife uses a specific type of radiation to treat both deep and shallow peripheral brain lesions without needing to make incisions in the skin.

The Leksell Gamma Knife unit is mostly used to stop the growth of benign brain tumors (meningiomas, acoustic neuromas, pituitary adenomas, and craniopharyngiomas, etc.); pain conditions (trigeminal neuralgia); malignant brain tumors (glioblastomas, metastases); and some forms of epilepsy and movement disorders. 

In patients with certain qualifying characteristics, the Leksell Gamma Knife procedure offers an alternative to normal open surgery, for example in vascular malformations and deep tumors, and could also be an alternative for minimally invasive treatments such as microsurgery and endovascular embolization, especially since the Gamma Knife’s dosage of radiation is incredibly precise and accurate. 

The Nathan Rifkinson Gamma Knife Center is located in the Medical Center of Río Piedras (known in Spanish as Centro Medico) to the right of the Emergency Room's entrance.