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Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.

Course Documents

 [?] The Four O's of Game Design

Software Applications & Tools

 [F] Required Software

 [CREATE/PLAY] Pixlr Editor ("cloud" graphic software)
Tech Challenges

 [?] What makes a game "good"?
 [?] Cat Chase (Scratch)
 [F] Your Game Version 1.0

Code Examples (Scratch 4 Arduino)

 [DOWNLOAD] Simple Light Toggle (S4A)
 [DOWNLOAD] Fly the Falcon v1.0 (S4A)
 [DOWNLOAD] Scrolling Background (S4A)

Code Snippets (Scratch 4 Arduino)

NOTE: These will not work with Scratch 1.4

 [SNIPPET] X,Y Movement
                (Sprite within the stage)
                (Simple directional jump)
                (Directional jump with platform collision)
 [SNIPPET] Power Ups
 [SNIPPET] Directional Firing 
                     (Simple torpedo sprite - conditional repeat)
                 [DOWNLOAD] X-Wing Sprite
 [SNIPPET] Directional Firing 
                     (Moving target with 'hit' detection, costume change and score)
 [SNIPPET] Directional Firing 
                      (Adding laser fire using pen-tool)
 [SNIPPET] Animation and Costumes*
                  (*Exemplary games include animations)