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First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.

Course Documents

 Creepy Computer Games (my first programming book)

Software Applications & Tools

 [CREATE ACCOUNT] Scratch (programming interface)
 [CREATE/LINK] Dropbox ("cloud" backup)
 [CREATE/PLAY] Pixlr Editor ("cloud" graphics software)


Computer Graphics

 [F] Link Goes Here
 Link goes here


 [F] Sprites in Action - Intermediate

Intro to Programming

 [?] Games I play (survey)

 [F] What makes a game "good"?
 [F] Basic Movements (not used)

Code Snippets (Scratch 2.0)

 [SNIPPET] Directional Movement
                 (Driving/top-down flying)
 [SNIPPET] Directional Firing
 [SNIPPET] Animation and Costumes
 [SNIPPET] Collision Detection
 [SNIPPET] Power Ups

 [SNIPPET] Cloning Sprites 
                      (Nested Loops with Costumes)
 [SNIPPET] Random "Enemy" Firing

 [SNIPPET] ???

 [SNIPPET] Gravity and Platforms
                 (Simple directional jump)
 [SNIPPET] Jumping and Platforms
                 (Directional jump with platform collision)

 [SNIPPET] Camera Motion