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Although I recollect nothing of the affair, I am told, with reasonably good authority (thanks Mum :-), that I was born in Sydney Australia. A Geek from my larval stages, I can remember when floppy's really were, software came on things that most people used for music, nested goto's were the norm and a 300 MODEM was the “Ferrari” of web connection.

Much of my early life was spent 'mucking-about'* with computers, teaching myself languages, my head stuck in a fantasy novel, playing RPG's, Wargaming and watching Star Wars too many times (Actually, can there be a too many times?) Self taught like most 70's Geeks, I ended up a GCS, back when it was possible to graduate with a degree and not learn any really useful languages. I became a teacher because of the holidays and started this with the idea of providing me with a canvas for testing what I was teaching. However since I also try to 'unplug' (occasionally) I get to dabble with it only when time allows.

In the mid nineties while living on the edge of the Outback I decided the world had to be a tad bigger than a town of 900 and a gad-zillion cattle, so I went walk-a-bout and embarked on this adventure of international teaching. Eighteen years on and I'm still caught up in the wanderlust, with no immediate plans to stop.

Never one to be a script-kiddie, or do things the easy way, (why do you think I hard-code this site even while taking advantage of Google Site’s hosting) I still enjoy programming, have still not yet learnt to adequately document my code, and have found that the big problem with working is that I no longer get enough time to “play” on a computer.

Inspired by a long ago iteration of my website (see waybackmachine.com), back from when I taught IB Comp Sc. and blended with some ideas from more recent incantations this new “look” is hoped to be a few less clicks for students when it comes to getting to the content they need/want, and it was a way for me to dabble a little with CSS and HTML, something I haven’t really done in a decade.

Like the web this website is a living, breathing thing, constantly in a state of evolution, always under construction, forever being changed and probably with no chance of ever being complete.

Anthony Selley


June, 2015

*We used to call it 'Hacking' but as a word it’s lost favour due to its constant misuse by the media.
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