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 Coding 6                                          

  The Taco Trilogy
    throwing tacos
     taco invaders v2 | taco invaders extension
     ratty loves tacos

  Sound and Motion
     go ahead and shout

  Game Design

  Special Effects I
 Coding 7                                          

  Classic Arcade Games
     Pong(72) . Breakout(76) . Warlords (80)

  Driving & Shooting Games
     Indy 500 ('77)Combat ('77)
     Space Wars ('77) . Computer Space ('71)
     Asteroids ('79) 

  Computer Space ('71)

  Drawing Tool Games
     Surround (77) . Missile Command (80)

  Special Effects I
 Coding 8                                          

  Depth Charge ('77)

  Scrolling Shooters
    River Raid ('82) . 
     Moon Patrol ('82)

  Invader Games
    Space Invaders ('78)

  Blip Games
    Solar Fox ('81)
    Pacman ('80) . Jawbreaker ('82)

  1 Sprite Game
     (Critical Thinking and Creativity Challenge)

  Platform Games

 GAME FEATURES                                                         

  [code] simple drive - speed variable
  [code] bullet "bounce" (combat)

  [code] shoot and move (space invaders)
  [code] block advance (space invaders)
  [code] attack waves (galaxian)
  [code] random enemy firing (megamania)
  [code] alien arrival & movement (demon attack)
  [code] shoot the blocks (yar's revenge)
  [code] player shields (phoenix)

  [code] parallax X scrolling
  [code] parallax Y scrolling

  [code] basic gravity

  [code] paddle with ball control

  [code] screen edge teleport (crash and score)

  [code] simple spaceship velocity
  [code] realistic spaceship velocity

  [code] asteroid levels (asteroids)

  [code] blip maps - clone
  [code] blip maps - clone & stamp

  [code] health bar . costumes
  [code] health bar . pen tool

  [code] Erase pen lines (lists)

 USER INTERFACE                                                        

  [code] touchscreen controls I
  [code] touchscreen controls II
  [code] touchscreen controls III

  [code] mute sound button
  [code] volume bar

 OTHER CODE SAMPLES                                             

  [code] bubble sort scores

 DEVELOPMENT TOOLS                                               

  Scratch 3.0 (create an account)
  mBlock (download and install)


  Brief history of video games
  Video game graphics evolution
  CRASH: The year video games died

  The Hero's Journey

 INTERESTING READS                                                  

  Creepy computer games. by Jenny Tyler (ed)
  The art of computer game design. by C. Crawford
  Good video games and good learning. by J.P. Gee

 OTHER LINKS                                                               

  link goes here

We owe it to ourselves to share our creativity with others.

- Felicia Day

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