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   Coding 6  Coding 7  Coding 8     
 [?] Scratch Accounts

  [F/S] Pong (1973)

  [F] Code Challenge I

  [F/S] Freeway (1981)
  [F/S] Breakout (1976)
  [F/S] Depth Charge (1977)
 [S] Space Battle Challenge

  [V] History of Video Games

  [?] Programming Theory
  [?] Machine Instruction Cycle
     (How it affects lag/scratch green flag)
  [?] Input, Processing, Output
  [?] The Computer System

  [F/S] Combat - Tanks (1977)

 [F/S] Comp. Space (1971)
  [S] Spacewar (1962)
  [S] Sound Controls
 [F/S] Asteroids (1979)
  [F/S] Frogger (1981)
  [S] Tron Light Cycles (1982) 
  [F/S] Missile Comd (1980)
  [S] Yars' Revenge (1982)

  [X] Sorting - High Scores

  [F/S] Pong+ (1973)

  [?] Ready Player One
  [?] Great Game Characters

  [S] Space Invaders (1978)

 [V] The Hero's Journey

 [F/S] Platforms 101
 [S] Parallax Scrolling
 [F/S] Adventure (1979)
  [F/S] Maze Escape 
Ghost Maze (1983)
Maze War (1974)
  [F] High Scores, Sorting.

  [F/S] Joust (1982)
     (Ready Player One)

 Required Software & Downloads
  Scratch 2.0 [create account & download/install]

  mBlock [download & install]

  Scratch 4 Arduino [download/install]
  How to install S4A on Raspberry Pi

  SketchUp Make [download/install]
  SketchUp STL Extension [download/add]

  Cura/Ultimaker [download/install]

 Interesting Reads
  Art of Computer Game Design, (C. Crawford)
  Creepy Computer Games
  Computer Games & Good Learning (J.P. Gee)
  List Item

What Minecraft Teaches?
Some thoughts on Minecraft
My thoughts on why it just might be the most powerful Educational Game ever...

Success with 3D Printing
Shortcuts to successful 3D
Things I have learnt through reading and a little trial & error about 3D Printing...

We owe it to ourselves to share our creativity with others.
- Felicia Day

 Scratch @ MIT
 Imagine. Program. Share.


 Lego Movies @ Brickfilms
 Stop motion meets Lego Minifigs with  some awesome results..

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