Tlingits today

What brings us to today?

    The history that brings us to the present

    Alaska Native Claims Settlement Acts

    Today, the Tlingit people envision Lingít Aaní, the Land of the Tlingit and their homeland, to span from around Southern                  Yakutat, through the Alaskan Panhandle and include the lakes in the Canadian interior.

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Cultural preservation efforts
Extensive effort is being put into revitalization programs in Southeast Alaska to revive and preserve the Tlingit language and its culture.

        Programs, groups:
         Tlingit and Native groups and programs-
These groups are formed to build community with tribal members in your area. Some also work to help                          local native students be successful in school
         Powwows are a great way to experience traditional Native American culture. Here American Indians share songs, dances and their culture with                             onlookers and amongst each other. These are happy and eye-opening events. At a powwow you can see traditional dances, hear drummers, shop for                     authentic native made items and taste great food (not just Indian Tacos).


Organizations such as Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, Sealaska Corporations and Shee A'tika, Inc. are the main companies, groups and institutions that deal with the affairs of the Tlingit people. Sealaska especially is in charge of managing the business affairs of the Tlingit people, and also works very hard to preserve the culture.

Artists and performers:
There are many talented Tlingit artists that are carrying on the artistic skills of their ancestors through carving, weaving, cooking, writing, dance and song. The artists and performers page provides access to the beautiful world of Tlingit artwork.
To the right the Tlingit Raven Dancer, Gene Tagaban (the showcased guest performer of this year's Stanford Powwow) spreads his majestic wings in his full regalia.