Make It! Session Tuesday June 16, 2015, 12:30pm Seattle Convention Center

You can see the June 2016 Demonstrations here

MAKER: Whack-a-Mole for PLC Programming

Sheng-Jen Hsieh

MAKER: Converting the Sketch of an Artefact into a Composite Bezier Curve and Producing it in the Boxford Milling Machine

Sangarappillai Sivaloganathan, Hayder Zulafqar Ali, Sayeda Abboud Al Ameri, and IMAN ABDULWAHEED

MAKER: A One Hour Robot

Hugh Jack

MAKER: Very Low Cost Experiments via 3-D Printing and Vacuum Forming

Robert F. Richards, Fanhe Shamus Meng, Bernard J. Van Wie, Franco Louis Spadoni, and Angelo Laury Ivory

MAKER: Gyro'clock - The spinnable time reader

Kasun Sanjaya Somaratne

MAKER: Product Development in One Week – Bucknell Fabrication Workshop (B-FAB)

Eric A Kennedy, Nathan P. Siegel, and David E Cipoletti

Maker: A Practical Approach to Student Use of University Owned Rapid Prototype Machines

Christopher P. Pung and Debbie Morrow

MAKER: Design and Create with Natural Dyes

Polly R. Piergiovanni

Maker: Twisted Sister Rover

Andy Zhang, angran xiao, angran xiao, angran xiao, Alexis Daniel Ortiz, Bryant Vicente , Anass Baroudi, Albino Marsetti, Ali Harb, and Rocky Kowchai Marcus Kowchai

Maker: Candy Crane Robot

Andy Zhang, angran xiao, Bijan Bayat Mokhtari, and Ali Harb

Maker: 3D Printer from Scratch Made with e-Waste

Shouling He, William Sarkis Babikian, Hossein Rahemi, and Terry K Beesoon

Maker: #BucknellMakers

Margot A Vigeant, Karen T. Marosi, Nathan P. Siegel, Alan Cheville, Kyle Montgomery, Zachary Paul Ross, Kerra Mercon, Dan Robert Muccio, Laura Kathleen Poss, David E Cipoletti, Eric A Kennedy, Charles Kim, and Joe Tranquillo

Maker: Call a 3D Locksmith – How 3D Printing can Defeat Physical Security

Dale C Rowe, Byron Doyle, Jon Colby Goettel, and Lane Broadbent

MAKER: Applications in Do-It-Together, Environmental Monitoring Technologies - Student Projects from an Interdisciplinary, Flipped, Service Learning, Makerspace Course

Paula Rees, Charles M Schweik, Steven D Brewer, Christine Olson, and Dan Smoliga

MAKER: Applying 3D Printing to Model Rocketry to Enhance Learning in Undergraduate Engineering Design Projects

Sven G. Bilen, Timothy F. Wheeler, and Randall G Bock

MAKER: Star Car 2014

Emily Ann Marasco

MAKER: CAD + 3d Printing + Mold-Making: How to Create Custom Sterling Silver Pendants

Lauren Vathje, Marjan Eggermont, and Bob Brennan

MAKER: 48-hour Rapid Prototype Development 

Magdalini Z Lagoudas and Rodney Boehm

MAKER: Hands-On Engineering Scavenger Hunt, a CNC Clue Challenge

Robyn Paul and Kimberly Lauren Gould