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Archie Higdon Distinguished Educator Award

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Colonel Archie Higdon

The Archie Higdon Distinguished Educator Award is given annually by the Mechanics Division for distinguished and outstanding contributions to engineering mechanics education. The nomination package should include the following:

  1. A letter of nomination and no more than four accompanying letters of support that delineate the nominee's contribution to mechanics education, and
  2. Nominee's curriculum vitae.

The award consists of a plaque to be given at the annual Mechanics Division Banquet and registration for the ASEE Annual Conference along with registration for the Mechanics Division Banquet.

Past Recipients include the following:

1977Archie Higdon


James L. Meriam
1979Egor P. Popov
1980Ferdinand P. Beer
1981Ferdinand L. Singer
1982William B. Stiles
1983Milton E. Raville
1984Clyde E. Work
1985Daniel C. Drucker
1986Daniel Frederick
1987Eugene H. Ripperger
1988Dan H. Pletta
1989John A. Weese
1990William F. Riley
1991Robert E. Miller
1992Andrew Pytel
1993Authur Boresi
1994E. Russell Johnston, Jr.
1995Virgil Snyder
1996L. Glenn Kraige
1997 J. N. Reddy
1998Jerry H. Ginsberg
1999No Award Given
2000Richard McNitt
2001Robert Mott
2002Alan Wineman
2003Autar Kaw
2004Robert L. Norton
2005Kumbakonam R. Rajagopal
2006Clive Dym
2007Cary A. Fisher
2008Paul Steif
2009Ing-Chang Jong
2010James R. Barber
2011Charles Krousgrill
 2012 Jwo Pan

Note: Prior to 1992, the award was named the Distinguished Educator Award.