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Abstracts Due October 19.  See our Call for Papers and the ASEE Makers event description for more information.
ASEE Makers - New This Year! 
The Manufacturing Division is sponsoring a Maker-themed event (similar to a Maker Faire).  
Abstracts due October 19.  See The ASEE Makers site for more information.

The Manufacturing Division strives to advance and coordinate the development of
manufacturing engineering research through dialogue between industry and faculty.
Annual Conference sessions, a manufacturing education newsletter and other forums
focus on curriculum developments and trends, new manufacturing technologies, teaching
techniques, laboratory development, research and new resources for more effective
manufacturing education.

The Manufacturing Division of ASEE has, as its principal function, the support of individual member interests related to manufacturing.

Its membership is composed of public and private two and four-year educators who are involved in manufacturing education and representatives from manufacturing industries and organizations. For the most part, educational members represent the disciplines of manufacturing, mechanical,industrial, and electrical engineering and engineering technology programs.


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