LEES Best Paper Awards

The following papers were LEES Division nominees for the PIC III Best Paper Award and, where, noted, the winners of said award. Congratulations to all our authors!

2015: "Which Courses Influence Engineering Students' Views of Social Responsibility?" Nathan E Canney and Angela R Bielefeldt.

2014: “Engineering and Engineering Education as Spiritual Vocations.” Julia D Thompson, Cole H Joslyn, and Mel Chua, Purdue University.

2011: "We've Been Framed! Ends, Means, and the Ethics of the Grand Challenges." Donna Riley, Smith College

2010: (1) “Helping Engineering and Science Students find their Voice: Radio Production as a Way to Enhance Students’ Communication Skills and their Competence at Placing Engineering and Science in a Broader Societal Context.” Ari Epstein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Joellen Easton, American Public Media; Rekha Murthy, Public Radio Exchange; and Emily Davidson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (2) “Trained to Disengage? A Longitudinal Study of Social Consciousness and Public Engagement among Engineering Students." Erin Cech, University of California-San Diego

2009: “Engineers who happen to be Gay: Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Student Experiences in Engineering.”  Erin Cech and Tom Waidzunas, University of California-San Diego; winner of the PIC III Best Paper Award as well as the first LGBT-related paper ever presented at ASEE

2008: "Ethics in Context, Ethics in Action: Getting Beyond the Individual Professional in Engineering Ethics Education." Donna Riley, Smith College