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James Day 9

posted Jul 8, 2011, 8:22 AM by Anne Nutt   [ updated Jul 8, 2011, 8:32 AM ]

Day 9

        In the morning, when I woke up, I felt like I wanted to sleep more because I was too tired from a wild week and it is the last day of OTR. All of us (students) showed up in the kitchen very slowly. They were too tired to do anything more. We ate breakfast very slowly. When we left for Rivers of Steel, we were like “Aww, we’re too tired to go out more”. You would say the same thing if you were in my shoes!

            When we arrived to the Rivers of Steel, we met the guide. She led us to the Homestead Mill where the old factory of steel used to be. It was almost a two mile walk during the hot day. I can’t stand it anymore!!!

When we arrived, we learned that the Homestead Mill was a very old factory. I learned that in 1890’s the workers were angered at Frick and Carnegie because they didn’t treat them fairly and paid them very low. A fight occurred there.  It went on for a few hours, and then the mill owners realized it was awful. The government decided to send the National Guard to protect the Frick family and Carnegie. The Homestead Mill had many interesting histories. When it was stopped being used, it was kept for a museum.
Then we went back to the van and we rode all way to another museum of steel factory called Carrie Furnace. It was such a huge factory. Our guide, Tiffany, explained about its history. That factory had different rooms and each had its own main job. On our walk in,
we saw it has a sculpture and it is a deer made from hard wires and tubes from the factory. I enjoyed learning about Carrie Furnace but I am so so so tired!
After the tour, we went to the Hard Rock for lunch. After that, we rode the duck
tour. The driver and guide explained different histories about Pittsburgh while he drove the bus. It is so cool because it can drive on the ground and the water. We rode across the river. When the tour was finished, we were completely worn out and can’t wait to go back home.


      We went back to WPSD dorms and it was such a sleepy day.