Technology For Induction

Technology Resources:  Tools to make Induction more efficient for you and new teachers in your buildings!

Google Docs Tour (This web-based tool allows you to collaborate with people in your building, create presentations, and generate easy-to-use forms)
Doodle Easy Scheduling Tool (A quick, free, and easy way to do a poll of participants when you look to schedule induction meetings)
How to set up an FTP Account (You only need to do this once.)
How to Download Fetch for Macs (Link will take you to Peter Tryon's ASD Website)
How to Download Core FTP for PCs(Link will take you to Peter Tryon's ASD Website)
HTML Crash Course for Educators (A quick primer on basics of html and web design.  If you find a better one, please let me know so that I can share it here)
How to install widgets (For those of you who asked where we got our "Egg Timer" widget we use in trainings.)