Site-Based Induction Resources

Useful Documents for Site-Based Induction:

Resources created by and for other Site-Based Induction Teams -- revise and use to best fit your induction team's needs (then share them with us!)

--School Induction Plans--

Alpenglow Elementary Induction Program Plans

Bartlett High School's Induction Program Plan

Campbell Induction Plan

Chugiak High School Induction Plan

Clark Induction Plan

Eagle Academy Induction Plan

Rabbit Creek Induction Plan

Russian Jack Induction Plan
Steller Induction Plan

--Other School Resources--

Begich Middle School's Induction Brochure

Fire Lake's Survival Kit

Nunaka Valley's Induction Checklist

Sample Induction Survey Questions

Steller's Fall Checklist 

High School Needs Assessment

"Where is. . ." activity 
The Culture of Ravenwood 

Ravenwood Staff Survey

--Planning Resources (templates)--

Calendar Planning Tool

Theme-based Planning Tool

Phases of the Teaching Year Planning Tool

Graphic Organizer for Program Assessment w/Standards

Graphic Organizer for Event Planning

--Samples of Planning Resources from current Induction Teams

SAVE's Graphic Organizer for Program Review

Hanshew's Graphic Organizer for Year-Long Plan 

The following Excel Sheet used to be a requirement of the Induction Program.  If you would like to use format please feel free to adapt any of the documents below.

Eagle Academy Charter School Acculturation Standard

Denali Montessori Acculturation Standard
Eagle Academy Charter School Survival Standard

Denali Montessori Survival Standard 

Eagle Academy Charter School Mentoring Standard

Denali Montessori Mentoring Standard 

Eagle Academy Charter School Professional Development Standard

Denali Montessori Professional Development Standard 

--Articles for Induction--