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Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder for over 6 years..

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For More Information Contact:

Kimberly-Ann McDonald, HT

3 Eighteenth Ave

Gf-W, NL

A2B 1A1

Email: info@asdconsultingandtutoring

The goal of  ASD Consulting and Tutoring is to offer support to families with children who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. To provide intervention through home and community-based services designed to assist both the child and the family.

ASD Consulting and Tutoring offers families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder services in the following areas:

*A.B.A         *Parent Support Services    *Programming

*Consultations   *I.S.S.P. Planning   *Referrals to specialty therapies

*Sensory Diets  *Social Stories   *Working Binders for Home Usage  

*Tutoring for School     *Communication Materials       

*Visual Schedules

                *Meetings/Training for Pre-School and School Staff

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