Residential Window Cleaning

Please call (831) 420-7809 to get an exact price for your home.  Smaller homes are $149 to $249 for inside/outside Window/Screen cleaning.  We also do 'View Cleanings', ideal for beach homes for $119 (main view windows/screens cleaned exterior only)

In 10 years I have done a house on every block in Santa Cruz and I love my work more than ever because we are a great Santa Cruz resource.  Cassie is a great crewmember as well.  Others come on for big accounts like the Tannery but mainly ASC is me (Chris) and Cassie doing perfect professional quality window cleaning.  We specialize in the best minimum rate service for in/out window cleaning in the area, and the best choice for property managers, realtors, and homeowner complex accounts.  We strive for the highest quality conscientious workmanship possible.  Please see our many great reviews on Yelp, Google and Yahoo.

Commercial Window Cleaning

We are the very proud window cleaner of the 102 Unit, 5+ Story, Tannery Arts Living Center, the beautiful Davenport Hotel and Roadhouse and many other great Santa Cruz Landmarks.  We specialize in large commercial buildings and homeowners association accounts THROUGHOUT California. 

Our other commercial specialty is our $37.50 monthly storefront cleanings.

ASC is Licensed and Insured
Please Call or email us for more information on Residential or Commercial Window Cleaning.
(831) 420-7809   ASCWindowCleaning@gmail.com

More Info on ASC Commercial HERE

 Five easy steps to saving your windows! and your $$!


2. DO NOT ALLOW TAP-WATER TO DRY ON THE GLASS.  The process of tap water drying on the glass is what creates hard water stains.  If water splashes on the glass, it is better to dry it with a towel and have streaks than to let the water dry there where it can calcify.  Hard water stains can sometimes be removed with special order products and hard work, but if it is too advanced then only with expensive buffing wheels. 

3.  DO NOT HIRE NON-PROFESSIONAL WINDOW CLEANERS.   Avoid scratching.  Even a glass with no tint can be permanently scratched with old or improper equipment, and many window cleaners are not trained well enough.  Be careful who you hire.

4.  PURCHASE NEW WINDOWS WISELY.   It is wise to spend a little more when replacing windows or building a home;  today's window industry utilizes exemplary warranty programs.  There are just too many problems with 'discounted' windows, even though you may save 50% on install.  Improper manufacture (tint on exterior surface instead of inside the double-panes), vacuum seal failure, and open/close issues are just a few of the problems that you WILL encounter in the life of a home, and with a good company they are solved with a phone call. 

5.  WATCH FOR LONG TERM DISCOUNTS.  You can save money and have clean windows all year by using ASC.  A neglected large home or business costing $200 to $300 for a deep initial cleaning is usually as low as $60 to $120 for outside re-cleanings 10 months later. 


Please Call (831)420-7809 to Schedule or for more information.