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4.12.2014  STILL Offering Winter Pricing until 5/1!!! 
~ASC is now SPRAT Safety Certified in Rope Access for High Rise Window Cleaning.  
We are offering great deals in order to obtain the new equipment needed.  

$139 minimum rate for smaller homes in/out
$220 for 2 story in/out
Lowest full day rate in SC County for huge homes, as low as $340 for multi-level, 3000 square feet+
*no day workers, *borderline obsessive about quality, *usually available within 2 weeks, *well insured and amazing references/reviews. 

3 yr Window Cleaner for the
Tannery Arts Center
 Davenport Roadhouse Hotel and Restaurant:

Om Gallery
Plaza Lane
The Limited
Crossroads Trading Co.
and much much more

Thank you

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