Alice Scott Crittenden

Street Painting Artist

Street festival days are magical

you can see the colors dance upon the pavement.” says artist Alice Scott Crittenden.


 Artist Alice Crittenden is pulled to color relationships & the powerful impact color can have on emotions & experiences. Because of this, many of the pastels she uses are hand made, as it is difficult to obtain her color combination with store bought sticks.



Alice has always considered herself an artist.

From the time she could make marks on any surface, she felt the creative urge to express what was in her mind.

Alice began winning ribbons and awards for her art starting in first grade of grammar school. Ms. Crittenden has displayed in galleries as a solo artist and participated in juried shows, earning top awards and accolades.

In 1998 Alice painted at the Santa Barbara I Madonnari Chalk Festival for the first time. Even though a novice street painter, other festival organizers encouraged her to branch out and participate in their shows. She has spent the last thirteen years traveling to festivals around the U.S. and Mexico.

She attended Ventura College in California, earning degrees in Fine Art and Commercial Art.

Ms. Crittenden  worked for 6 years in advertising firms, first as a graphic artist, progressing to Art Director for a Ventura California advertising agency, and on to co-owner of graphic design agency in Ojai, CA. She retired from the agency when her daughter was born.

She is currently pursuing her murals and portraiture from her home studio (when she is not traveling the world painting the street at chalk festivals.)



 "Self Portrait" by Ellen Day Hale - 1885


Santa Barbara I Madonnari 

 2007 - "Giraffes Aren't Always Yellow and Brown!"

original design by Alice Scott Crittenden

After Leroy Neiman 2010

San Rafael Youth In Arts

2007 - "Flaming Lion" - original design by Alice Scott Crittenden


Danville Arts Festival

 2006- "Girl With A Pearl Earring", after Jan Vermeer


2007- "An Elegant Beauty",  after Wontner


Palo Alto Festival of the Arts

 2006 - "Crowned Cranes" - original design by Alice Scott Crittenden



San Luis Obispo,

I Madonnari




Carlsbad, Art Splash

With the help of two assistants, California-based artist Alice Scott Crittenden created this piece in 2008 for ArtSplash in Carlsbad, California. The work, which measures 12' x 17' and took 16 hours to make, was inspired by the 1984 book Miss Piggy's Treasury of Art Masterpieces from the Kermitage Collection. "My daughter's art history instructor used this slide to spark interest in Jan van Eyck's work," Crittenden says. Photo courtasey of Carlsbad ArtSplah.


Denver, Colorado


 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Introduction of street painting to Puerto Vallarta by Sister City Artists of Santa Barbara

2006 - "Guacamaya" original painting by Alice Scott Crittenden





Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

 2008 - After Alphonse Mucha





2012 Santa Barbara I Madonnari



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