2011 Ohio Valley Student Conference Information

Environmental Competition

The environmental competition gets students involved in dealing with real world situations involving stormwater, simulated wastewater, or drinking water treatments. Past competitions include removal or particles from river water, design and treatment of stormwater into an underground cave system, and removal of manganese from drinking water. Students which are interested in sustainability, water quality, creative problem solving, or building things may find this competition best fits their interests. Students will learn to explore current and past methods, communicate with team members, enhance their writing skills, and use their creativity to create a sustainable and unique treatment. Past UC teams have won awards including 1st place in both system design and design paper. Anyone who has worked with any type of water treatment system at any scale will be best to help design. However, no previous knowledge, skills, or classes are needed to participate!

If this sounds like the competition for you, please email odonneaj@mail.uc.edu for more details!

Surveying Competition

Surveying is the technique and science of accurately determining the position of points and the distances and angles between them. Surveyors use elements of geometry, engineering, trigonometry, mathematics, and law to accurately find the position of points. The surveying competition includes a horizontal layout, or also known as a construction layout, to determine building points and a vertical layout to determine the elevations of the land. Students looking into a future in the construction industry may find this competition best fitting for their interests, as surveying is integral in the design phase of construction. Students will learn how to read engineering drawings, be able to do construction and vertical layouts, properly use surveying equipment, and learn the terminology of surveying. Past UC teams have won several awards including 2nd place stake out and equipement setup. Students who are taking or have recently taken the surveying course or have any previous suverying experience are best. However, anyone can join and learn!

If this sounds like the competition for you, please email carters3@mail.uc.edu for more details!

Concrete Canoe Competition

Concrete Canoe is a competition where civil engineering students at their respective schools design, build, and race canoes built out of light-weight concrete. The competition is judged in four separate but equal areas: design paper, oral presentation, racing, and final product of the canoe. The purpose of concrete canoe is to enhance the student’s knowledge on the properties of concrete, to increase awareness in the student and professional chapters of ASCE, and to gain hands-on practical experience. Students also have the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and project management abilities.   The students at the University of Cincinnati have been racing their canoes in their regional competitions for over the past 20 years, winning the regional competition twice (1991 and 2009). Students who are taking or have recently taken the construction materials lab or have any previous concrete design/mixing experience are best. However, there are lots of other things which students can help get involved with!

If this sounds like the comeptition for you, please contact ucconcretecanoe@gmail.com for more informaiton!

Steel Bridge Competition

Information coming soon!

If this sounds like the competition for you, please contact  ucsteelbridge@gmail.com for more informaiton!