2009 OVSC Competition - WKU

The 2009 OVSC Competition was held at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky from April 2-4.

Awards Won

The organization as a whole fared very well in competition bringing home a total of 13 plaques.  In the Concrete Disc Golf competition UC won best women’s score and 1st place in overall team score.  The environmental team tasked with filtering runoff water won 1st place for their design paper.  In the GIS competition, which was new this year, UC won 1st place overall.  In surveying the team brought home four awards including: 2nd place in stake out, 2nd place in equipment setup, 3rd place in leveling, and 3rd place overall performance. In particular the UC Concrete Canoe Team fared extremely well at the competition by bringing home the following five awards: 1st place design paper, 1st place oral presentation, 3rd place final product, 3rd place women’s slalom/endurance race, and 1st place overall performance.  By placing 1st place in overall performance and adhering to various other requirements the UC Concrete Canoe Team will be attending the National Concrete Canoe Competition in Tuscaloosa, Alabama from June 11-13, 2009. This is a great opportunity for the team to showcase its abilities on a national scale and represent the University of Cincinnati.


 Steel Bridge


Concrete Frisbee Golf


Concrete Canoe

Banquet / Socials