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ASCE Officers (2013-2014)


Rebecca Pinney

Vice President 

Emilie Albert


Chris Douglas

 Moe El-Sabbagh


 Kayleigh Hammond

Elisabeth Martin

Faculty Advisor

Dr. H. Bill

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UC School Code = 1883

Mission Statement

The University of Cincinnati brings the national ASCE’s visions and goals to the local level.  The UC Chapter believes that education, leadership, hands on experience, and field trips help students and faculty have a better understanding on what the future of Civil Engineering looks like. Every year, our freshman class is introduced to a variety of companies and organizations who believe in educating our underclassman with basic knowledge about civil engineering.  Our freshmen are able to better understand their chosen career and which discipline they might be interested in. Upperclassmen are also given opportunities to take officer positions and become leaders on campus.  Every year UC competes in the Ohio Valley Student Conference which allows anyone to gain hands on experience. Another way for students to get involved is to go on the several field trips that UC plans each year. These are particularly useful for underclassman to fully understand how the real world interacts with the civil engineering career. Overall, the UC chapter is very involved with the students and gives the best opportunities for them to see their chosen profession.

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OVSC Information

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Event Photos

2014 - March Tour of Meldahl Hydroelectric Plant Foster, KY

2013 - November tour of Lawrencburg, IN Convention center 

2013 - September program meeting (professional)

2011 Annual Picnic - Sharon Woods

2011 OVSC Competition - University of Akron

2011 Bowling Social Night

2010 OVSC Competition - University of Kentucky

2010 cHc Steel Fabrication & MSD Tours

2009 National Concrete Canoe -Tuscaloosa, Alabama

2009 Annual Picnic - Winton Woods

2009 OVSC Competition - Western Kentucky University

2008 OVSC Competition - Youngstown State University

2008 ASCE National Convention - Pittsburgh

2007 OVSC Competition - Ohio State University

2007 Parking Garage & Wastewater Treatment Tours

Important Dates (2014-2015)

Bi-Weekly Friday Meeting

Topic: Banshee Coaster Date:Sept. 5th at noon   Room: ERC 405


Topic: Milton/Madison               Bridge               Date:Sept.18th at noon   Room: ERC 427


Topic: Cincinnati               Subway System   Date:Sept.19th at noon   Room: ERC 405


Topic: Cincinnati            Zoo Tour  Date:Oct.17th at TBD   Room: Meet at ERC 405


Topic: Bridge                 Inspections   Date:Oct.31st at noon   Room: ERC 405

2015 Ohio Valley Student Conference

University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH

March 26-28, 2014.