Coaches / Management

The 2014-15 Ascension Rays coaching staff includes Scott "Skip" Creel, Jack Duhe, Austin Todd, Sean Todd, and Joey "Doc" Duhe. Our coaches have many years of both coaching and playing experience at the high school and college level. This solid, all volunteer, coaching staff led the 2014 Ascension Rays teams to a combined record of 93-47-8, 8 tournament titles,  including a Global World Series championship - all while playing at the Major level - THE most competitive in tournament baseball. This staff also led the  the 2010-2011 14U Major Elite Aces to 7 tournament championships including the prestigious LA Governors Games and the 14U Major LA State Championship.  We are VERY fortunate to have such knowledgeable, committed coaches.
The Ascension Rays general manager is Jason "Doc" Adams. Doc handles the non-coaching responsibilities of running a big-time tournament baseball program.  His management experience includes very successful seasons with the Ascension Rays (2011-14), the 13U Major Ascension Brewers (2009-10) and the 14U Major LA State Champion Elite Aces (2010-11).  Doc is most proud of the fact that, on the teams he has managed, 100% of the players have made their respective high school baseball teams as freshman.

General Manager Jason "Doc" Adams
Coach Scott "Skip" Creel

Coach (L-R) Sean Todd and Austin Todd

 Coach Jack Duhe

Coach Joey "Doc" Duhe