Steel Bridge Team
The steel bridge team is made up of members of ASCE. The year usually starts the same way, with team members poring over the new rules released by AISC each year. The team then begins research on potential designs and grades of steel to use for construction. The design portion of our team uses SolidWorks and STAAD to model the bridge to identify potential weak spots. Hand calculations are done to verify the results of the computer based simulation. These calculations usually include deflection, stress analysis, and bending moments. If you haven't taken statics yet, don't be scarred by the calculations, come to a design meeting and watch us work.

Once we decide on a design the real fun begins, fabrication. The design process will tell us the exact amount of steel we need to order along with what grade steel we're using. The fabrication process takes the most time, typically the entire winter quarter and then some. Our fabrication team uses MIG, TIG, and in some cases stick welding during construction. We also machine some more intricate parts on the Waterjet. Parts are first designed in SolidWorks and then sent to the Waterjet to be cut from plate steel. 

In addition to design and fabrication, we also compete with other schools at the ASCE Deep South Conference. Schools from around the southern United States meet every year at a host school for the steel bridge and concrete canoe competitions. A
t the conference, the team must competitively assemble the entire bridge from the ground up at the fastest time possible. We are judged on categories that include construction speed, lightness, construction economy, stiffness, structural efficiency, and display. 

Check out the Bridge rules here.

If you're interested in joining the steel bridge team, contact the bridge team captain, Patrick Reilly (