Deep South ASCE Conference 2014
The steel bridge and concrete canoe competitions will be hosted by Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN.

2014 ASCE Deep South Conference Results - Germantown, TN
Louisiana Tech's Concrete Canoe team won 1st place in each category of the competition during the 2014 ASCE Deep South Conference hosted by Christian Brothers University in Germantown, TN. 

The members of the winning teams are:
Women's 200m sprint: Kori Madere and Mallory Dupont
Men's 200m sprint: Daniel Binet and Sal Pellittier
Co-ed 400m sprint: Alex Monistere, Beveryly Case, Mallory Dupont, and Colby Spears
Women's 600m endurance: Kim Latino and Katie Lybrand
Men's 600m endurance: Andrew Vicknair and Colby Spears

The Louisiana Tech Concrete Canoe team will now head to Pittsburg, PA to compete at the ASCE National Conference in June! Good Luck to them and congratulations on winning 1st at the Deep South Conference!

What is Conference?
Every year our chapter participates in the Deep South Regional Conference. This event has several teams you can join:

Steel Bridge
We design, construct, and assemble a steel bridge all in one event. We start work on the design at the beginning of school and continue working right up until the day we leave for conference during spring quarter. Anyone can help and no welding skills are required!

Concrete Canoe
We design and build a canoe with reinforced concrete and race against teams from other schools. Check out the concrete canoe section of our website and check out the photos from previous years.

Using equipment most would find outdated and useless, this team surveys a loop as accurately as they can. 

Mystery Event
Even we don't know what this event will entail until we show up at the conference. In previous years the mystery event has included building a popsicle truss. 

Mead Paper
One member is chosen to write a paper addressing an issue set by the national ASCE organization. They will present the paper using a PowerPoint at the Conference.