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updated November 10, 2012

From the President - Here's a little information about ASCE and our chapter here. 

What is the American Society of Civil Engineers? 
It is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the civil engineering profession by providing a community to network with professionals all over the country, discuss key issues facing civil engineers today, and also provide a means to recommend to the U.S. Congress which parts of our infrastructure need the most attention and improvement.  At the student chapter level (KU ASCE), we host meetings in which professionals come and present on their current projects and work. At the same time, meetings double as networking opportunities with these professionals. Our KU chapter participates in community outreach that use the knowledge obtained in the classroom in real projects. Currently, we are working on a nature trail at the Lawrence Arboretum. Field trips to see area civil engineering projects, attending ASCE conferences, and competing in Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge against other local schools in our region (K-State, Mizzou, Nebraska, Oklahoma, etc.) are among other activities we do.  ASCE is not only for Civil Engineering students but for Architectural Engineering and Environmental Engineering students as well.

Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge?  What?

We build a canoe out of concrete and race it against these other schools at an annual competition hosted by one of the schools in our region.  

We also have the Steel Bridge team in which the team constructs a 20 foot
long bridge made of steel members. Each competition is judged based on time to construct, weight of materials, cost, aesthetics, etc.  

Check out the links to these two groups to the left.

So why should I join anyway and get involved?
  • A huge component that employers are looking for when they look to hire engineers is not your GPA.  A company may have a minimum GPA requirement but you can stand out from everyone else if you get involved in extra-curricular activities such as ASCE and Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge.  Employers will know you have a true interest in civil engineering when you can put ASCE on your resume.  ASCE can help you get a summer internship, which is probably the most important thing you can do in your academic career.  Internships allow you to "try out" companies to see who you like and what work you like to do.
  • ASCE will bring in professionals from around the area to present on the work they do, which will also allow you to see what you might want to do when you graduate.  Civil engineering is a broad profession, so we try to get professionals from all different backgrounds.
  • Free food -  We always have food at our meetings and we meet at least every other week during the school year, usually more.
  • Leadership experience -  ASCE gives students an opportunity to be a leader in a civil engineering organization. Leadership experience is something that will separate you from your peers.  The good news for you is that we will have plenty of opportunities in December when we have elections for 2013.  Many of our senior officers will be gone, leaving the door wide open for underclassmen.  Leadership experience leads to lots of opportunities such as being able to go to conferences on KU's dime - in January we went to Denver, CO for the ASCE Student Workshop for Student Leadership (WSCL).  It's a blast, trust me.  I've also received additional scholarships as I've become more involved in ASCE.  Faculty will recognize your efforts and that goes a long way.
  • To have fun with your peers and meet your classmates.  We always do fun activities throughout the semester.  Activities can range from bowling to parties to watching KU games on the big screens in the auditorium.  Engineering is not all work and no play.
  • Community service-  Feel good about work you helped out with, whether it be Habitat for Humanity, a pasta bridge/gum drop bridge competition for grade school kids, or other local projects.

How do I join?  When are these meetings and activities?
To join, simply fill out a Membership Application (check out the Downloads link) and turn it into an officer at a meeting or to Carol Jo in 2150 Learned Hall. Applications are also handed out at the meetings and by contacting an officer.

Check out our Calendar link to the left for all ASCE events coming up.

We will keep you posted on meetings and events as the year progresses. Most emails will be sent out via Carol Jo Sloan, so make sure you check them out before deleting them.  Look out for fliers about upcoming activities around Learned Hall or check the ASCE bulletin board on the second floor of learned hall, to the left the structural engineering offices.  Join our facebook group!  Search facebook for KU ASCE or head to this link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=2201170647&ref=ts On the facebook page, we will post information on upcoming events and pictures following the events.

This next year will have plenty of opportunities to get involved and have fun. Also, for those looking to take on more responsibility the following year, we will be holding elections for officers in December. If you may be interested in a position, contact me or another officer and we can give you information on that position and its duties. As I have seen first hand, the more involved you are, the more it will benefit you. I graduate in May of 2013, but I am looking for to leading all of you this year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email kuasce@ku.edu or my personal email, listed below.

Austin MacDonald

Austin MacDonald
KU ASCE President

This site is run using the Google account: asce.ku@gmail.com (if you'd like to subscribe to our calendar).