Concrete Canoe

        Concrete Canoe is a one of a kind competition!  Yes, the team actually builds a canoe out of concrete and races it against other schools!  The regional competition will be held at Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville from April 18-20. We had a blast last year, things are already underway for this year. There is always room for more help and it's never too late to join, so if you are interested in being a part of this exciting activity contact

For the most up to date information and photos, visit the KU Concrete Canoe Google+ page.

Our 2013 team leaders are:

    Jeremy Boger
    Caitlin Perry
    Troy Sallee
2013 KU Concrete Canoe
2/9/13 - Canoe Casting
Double, Double toil and trouble...
Mixing the concrete in the Lab

Build Team members and miscellaneous volunteers laying in the reinforcing mesh

The dirty work

Horizontal straps and rolling pins used for consistent concrete thickness

Finishing Touches


2012 KU Concrete Canoe

The 2012 Concrete Canoe Team: Jeremy Boger, Miranda Sloan,
Jennifer Penfield, Zach Ceman, Andrew Lichter, Troy Sallee, Andy Petz,
Peter Gaskamp, Caitlin Perry, and Jordan Perlmutter.

The water isn't from leaks, just a little splashing. 

Jeremy sanding the mold.

Applying a layer of concrete.

"The Phog" on display.

Our cutaway section and presentation.

The judges inspection.

We passed the swamp test.

Jeremy and Troy bringing the canoe in under Andy's direction.

Four people and still floating!

Here's a time-lapse slideshow of the big build day:

Concrete Canoe Time Lapse

To see more pictures, check out the Concrete Canoe photos!

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