Community Service

Coming Up:   
The Arboretum Project
    KU ASCE is working in conjunction with the Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department and the Lawrence Rotary Club to design and build a bridge, a dock, and new walking paths at the Lawrence Rotary Arboretum. You can view the bridge design and pictures of the mown path under the Community Service section of our photos page.

Past and Recurring Events:

Engineering Expo
    Engineering Expo is an annual student-organized event that provides an opportunity for us to share with local students and community members our excitement about engineering. This year Engineering Expo will be held February 25-26, and the theme is games. We are currently planning the demonstrations we will present this year.

Younger Members Egg Drop
    On February 25th and March 3rd members of ASCE will be in Topeka to judge the ASCE Kansas Section Younger Members Annual Egg Drop Competition. 

KU ASCE participates in numerous community service events.  See these photos for pictures of the events we've done.  Past events include:
  • Engineering EXPO (every year) - KU ASCE has a room with ACI.  We do the Pasta Bridge Competition with kids from around the area, edible concrete (to promote awareness of concrete), and a retaining wall demonstration. 
  • Habitat for Humanity - KU ASCE typically does 1-2 Habitat for Humanity events per year in conjunction with the KS ASCE Younger Members Section.
  • Gum Drop Bridges in local elementary schools - We team up with the KS ASCE Younger Members for this as well.  We travel to local schools to introduce children to civil engineering and bridges.  They get to build a bridge out of toothpicks and gum drops, then eat them!  They're always so proud.
  • Baker Wetlands - In October 2009, KU ASCE assisted in the construction of a boardwalk through the wetlands.  We will be called upon for future help.