Concrete Canoe


General Information:
Concrete Canoe is a competition hosted by the American Society of Civil Engineers. There are four parts to the competition: Design Paper, Oral Presentation, Product Display and Races. 

Students are required to create a concrete mix using whatever resources they choose, then use it to create a canoe that will float when placed in water. The design paper is written by the involved students and outlines technical information on all aspects of the project. In early spring teams will compete in a regional competition. They are judged on the report, as well as an oral presentation (with information from the paper) given by two or more team members in front of the judges. A display is also created, following a theme of the students' choosing and judged at the competition. Finally the boat is placed in water and students will compete in 5 different races. At most, there can be four people in the canoe at one time for a race. 

For more information, or to join the team email 

The Concrete Canoe lab is located at 3608 Powelton. The team meets several times a week to work on design and construction. Summer will not have set lab times, but check back in September for the start of our season!

Alex Gagliardi
Colleen Hyde
Steve Kreeley Santiago Uribe

For more information please visit the ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC)