President's Note
"Failure is not an Option." - Gene Krantz (Flight director of Apollo 13)

Hi Everyone,

    First of all let me tell you it is an honor, indeed a privilege, to be elected President by all of you. I have profound respect for our group and I take this opportunity as a personal resposibility to ensure everyone is given a chance to better their careers by their involvement in ASCE.

    ASCE is a broad and wide ranging organization that serves as a tool for civil engineers all over the world to network, achieve goals, complete projects, and make the world a better place. ASCE has a world of opportunity and the only one who can impeed your progress is yourself.

    For those who are not members I am inviting you to join. ASCE is a great resource during school to meet professionals and establish yourself before entering the workforce. ASCE is also a great way to meet fellow classmates in order to socialize and perform better in school. It may seem initimdating at first but everyone is here for the same reason you are. Even if you are not a member please come to the meetings and you will find that there are many others that feel the same way you do.

   For those who are members I want to invite you to be active. The chapter is only as strong as its members. The officers and I are working hard to plan events that are both fun and educational. The chapter is involved with Steel Bridge, Constructor for a Day, Estimating Competition, and the annual Ohio Valley Regional Conference which includes many other events.

    2008-2009 promises to be an exciting year. We have an engaged officer core and they have the drive and enthusiasm to create a great year. All of us are here working for you to ensure that you are able to make the best of your time here at CSU. Feel free to stop by the office or visit us in the Fox's Den. We are always open to motivated individuals who are ready to take the next step.



Joe Pavlick

President ASCE 2008-2009