Become A Member

Become a Member on the Bridge
If you are not yet a member of the CMU ASCE chapter on the Bridge, it should only take you a few moments to register.

Step 1:

Go to the bridge:

Step 2:

Log into your Andrew account

Step 3:

Under Organizations Tab, search: "American Society of Civil Engineers"

Step 4:

From the ASCE page on the bridge, click: "Join Organization"

It's that easy! Later, our President will confirm your membership to the CMU ASCE chapter!

Become a Member National Member
If you are not an ASCE member yet, it just takes one minute to complete the online registration.

Step 1: Begin Application
To begin the application, click here. Leave the promo code field blank. 

Step 2: Profile information
Just make sure you enter the right info, and it's quicker to just type a graduation date (year, month and approximate date is sufficient)

Step 3: Membership options
Most likely 'student'

Step 4: Review profile 

Step 5: Education background
Note that in this updated application form, there is no need to provide a school code. You will be affiliated to the CMU chapter when you provide Carnegie Mellon University as your institution

Step 6: Professional licensure 
Although the fields are marked as required, they also state in the heading that you may skip the section if you have yet to obtain a license. So just leave all fields blank and click 'Continue'. 

Step 7: Affiliated organizations
Entirely up to your own discretion.  If you do not wish to pay extra, just un-select the option for 'Join your local section'. 

You may join EWB for free. Just leave blank if you do not want to. However, if you have already selected the 'Student Member', select Carnegie Mellon University in the dropdown list. The problem is that the colleges are -not- listed alphabetically. It will be quicker to type 'Carnegie Mellon' out quickly, without breaks in between for the college name to appear.

There is also an option to join a specialty institute for free. Select any one that appeals to you, and you will get email updates/newsletters from that institute. 

Step 8: Review application

Step 9: Application completion
There should be $0.00 total (free student membership!) so just select 'Process My Order' and you are done! A student membership card will be sent to you shortly, and you are officially an ASCE member. Congratulations!