President: Julie Kim

Julie Kim is a Junior majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She is originally from Seoul, Korea but now lives in Calgary, Canada. She is especially interested in the field of environmental engineering. When she is not in class, she enjoys skiing, golfing, and playing the violin.

Vice President: Nathaniel Fleming

Nathaniel Chris Fleming is a sophomore majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering and doubling in Engineering and Public Policy. He currently calls home Manchester, Vermont but is originally from North Carolina. He is interested in the environmental engineering field and its role in climate change. In his free time, he likes to play tennis, go for long runs through Pittsburgh and of course eating

Secretary: Stephanie Tjan

Stephanie Tjan is a junior majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability. She currently lives in Los Angeles, but she loves to travel and explore new cities. She is passionate about the environment and hopes to learn about engineering sustainable infrastructures for the future. Outside of class, you can find her catching up on the latest Walking Dead episodes or practicing on her guitar.

Former President: Ahmad Khanzada

Ahmad Khanzada
Ahmad is a Junior majoring in Civil Engineering with a minor in International Relations and Politics. He was born and raised in Long Island, New York. Outside of structural engineering and infrastructure management classes, Ahmad enjoys learning about real estate design and development. His non-academic activities, outside of helping ASCE organize events, include playing basketball, reading historical nonfiction or cheering for the Kansas Jayhawks. 

Treasurer: Obianozo Chukwuma

Obi Chukwuma is a sophomore Civil and Environmental Engineering student. She is from Doylestown, PA, and would like to focus on Geotechnical Engineering. In her free time, she loves the arts both to create and experience and loves to try new foods and travel to new places.

Treasurer: Cecilia Kiker

Cecilia Kiker is a Sophomore majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus in project management. She is interested in integrating marketing, communications, and engineering. She is originally from Westport, Connecticut. Outside of class, she can mainly be found in the kitchen teaching her professional baking class, cooking for herself and her mooching friends, or embarking on her own personal food tour of Pittsburgh. Otherwise catch her on a yoga mat, or coordinating for the SPIRIT fashion show.

Service Chair: Adeola Oyinlola

Didi is a Junior Civil and Environmental Engineering major. She is from Lagos, Nigeria, but she has lived in Houston, Texas for the last seven years. She is especially interested in structural engineering and design. Outside class, she enjoys going out to eat, watching movies, and travelling. 

Communications Chair: Tyler Kohman

Tyler Kohman at Steelers Game
Tyler is a sophomore Civil and Environmental Engineering major with a double major in Engineering and Public Policy. He is interested in Transportation Engineering and Urban Development. He was born and raised just outside of Columbus, Ohio and loves the Columbus Blue Jackets, Columbus Crew, and, of course, the Ohio State Buckeyes. Outside of his classwork he is the punter/kicker on the Carnegie Mellon Football team. 

Social Chair: Yulissa Cruz

Yulissa Cruz
Hi, my name is Yulissa Cruz. I am a Sophomore majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a double major in EPP. I was born in the Dominican Republic, but moved to New York City at a young age. Like any other good New Yorker, I appreciate the beauty in bagels and coffee every morning and a good and fresh slice of pizza. Moving to Pittsburgh finding good pizza or coffee wasn’t an issue, but finding people who shared the same background and values as me was definitely one. This is why I joined ASCE. ASCE provides me with a great environment to bond with peers going through the same as me and also allows me to learn from others and expand my own horizons.

Webmaster: Gaurav Chatterjee
Gaurav Chatterjee is a sophomore majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. He is from Randolph, MA. Gaurav is interested in the intersection of civil engineering and technology. In addition to being webmaster for CMU's chapter of ASCE, he is also Chair of Competitions. Outside of ASCE, he works on Booth with Fringe, a social organization on campus.