A S Byatt Resources on the Web

The best holiday reads ]

A S Byatt's most memorable summer read was À la recherche du temps perdu. Please scroll.

Digested Classics: Possession ]

The Guardian's digested version of the plot for Possession.

[ In My Pram I Remember ]

BBC4 interviews several people, including A S Byatt, on their earliest memories.

[ Oprah.com: A S Byatt's Bookshelf ]

A S Byatt introduces seven books on her bookshelf. Includes a short essay on how reading changes the way we look at life.

[ National Portrait Gallery ]

On the creative process behind her portrait by Patrick Heron.

[ Writer's Room ]

On her writing room.

[ Interviewing Iris Murdoch ]

A S Byatt interviews Iris Murdoch on BBC4, October 27th, 1971. You will need Realplayer to listen to this file.

[ Interviewing Toni Morrison ]

A S Byatt interviews Toni Morrison at the ICA in London. Conducted around the time Beloved was published. Full item requires payment. You will need Realplayer to listen to this file.

[ Scribblings ]

On a documentary that follows A S Byatt as she writes A Whistling Woman.

[ You Couldn't Make It Up ]

On the making of the A S Byatt episode of Scribblings.

[ "Raw Material"  ]

A short story.

[ "A Stone Woman"  ]

A short story.

[ Favorite Websites  ]

A S Byatt picks her favorite websites. You will need Realplayer to listen to this file.

[ Wil the 21st century be the lonely century? ]

A panel discussion on BBC3.