A S Byatt Resources on the Web

[ Essays on the Official Site ]

A good place to begin. Introductions to The Shadow of the Sun, Angels and Insects, and Babel Tower. Plus the aesthetics of Possession and The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye.

Guardian reviews ]

A S Byatt has written numerous book reviews as well as commentary on art exhibitions and plays. These are mostly available on The Guardian.

Ragnarök: the doom of the gods ] : Aug 2011

On the mythic basis for Ragnarok: the End of the Gods and its relevance in today's world.

Neuroscience Open Forum lecture ] : Jul 2010

A video lecture on neuroscience and fiction.

Love in fairytales ] : Oct 2009

[ A.S. Byatt discusses her former teaching colleague Penelope Fitzgerald ] : Jul 2008

On Penelope Fitzgerald.

[ Lie Back and Think of Europe ] : Jun 2008

On the Euro 2008 football tournament.

[ Browsing Through the Past ] : Nov 2007

On digital memory. Includes mention of research done for The Children's Book.

[ The Wild Ones ] : Nov 2007

On Edwardian illustrators and their fantastic drawings.

[ Wit and Wisdom ] : Aug 2007

On Middlemarch.

[ American Pastoral ] : Dec 2006

On Willa Cather.

[ Petal Power ] : Nov 2005

On the works of painter Jo Self and Wordsworth.

[ Fiction Informed by Science ] : Mar 2005

How science helped shape the Quartet. (Full article requires payment.)

[ Harry Potter And The Childish Adult ] : Jul 2003

On the Harry Potter series.

[ The One Bright Book of Life ] : Dec 2002

On teaching DH Lawrence in university.

[ Scenes from a Provincial Life ] : Jul 2002

On Madame Bovary.

[ Strange and Charmed ] : Apr 2000

On artists' response to the opportunities of modern science. This article is also available as the preface of the book of the same title. (Full article requires payment.)

[ Painted Faces ] : Dec 2001

On the relationship between writers' and artists' images.

[ How We Lost Our Sense of Smell ] : Sep 2001

On the modern assault on our sense of smell.

[ Faith in Science ] : Nov 2000

On needing a new approach to the Darwin Wars. (Full article requires payment.)

[ Justice for Willa Cather ] : Nov 2000

On Willa Cather's place in American literature. (Full article requires payment.)

[ Morals and Metaphysics ] : Aug 2000

On Penelope Fitzgerald. (Full article requires payment.)

[ Narrate or Die ] : 1999

On the best story ever told. (Requires free registration to view article.)

[ Of the Making of Many Lists ] : May 1999

A web-only essay for The New York Times. (Requires free registration to view article.)

[ A Delicate Form of Genius ] : 1998

On Penelope Fitzgerald.

[ The Reader, Once More ] : Apr 1998

On The Reader by Bernhard Schlink. (Full article requires payment.)