Thumbnail History

view of Asbury from Liberty Street

of Asbury United Methodist Church
in Harrington, Delaware
March 30, 1858   A deed was granted for property to erect a church.
1858   A parsonage was built.
1870  The Church was built.
1890  An addition to the Church was built, which is the present sanctuary.
July 6, 1914  Harrington Methodist Episcopal Church was incorporated 
    under the laws of Delaware.
1929  The Collins Building was built.
May 23, 1939  The Church’s name was changed 
    to Asbury Methodist Church of Harrington.
May 1938  The front room of the Church was furnished as a Chapel.
December 17, 1939  The first service was held in the Chapel.
December 25, 1939  The first wedding was held in the Chapel.
October 1953  A new wing was added to the Collins Building.