Passport to Membership at Asbury Church
is a book written by Pastor Jameson
that offers a step-by-step path
to becoming a member of our congregation.

To join, all you need is a copy of the book
and a Sponsor to walk with you through the steps.
Ask the Pastor for a copy of the paperback book.
Our cost is $14.

Cover of the book

Table of Contents

Passport to Membership at Asbury Church
by the Rev. Dr. Lawrence D. Jameson
ISBN: 978-1-312-41028-2

Put this book in the hands of a prospective church member. Give them a sponsor, and send them on a journey of discovery. They will learn what Asbury United Methodist Church in Harrington, Delaware is all about, and in the process find out how they can grow spiritually in this wonderful community of faith. Eight Chapters each end with a homework assignment that includes receiving a validating stamp, just like a PASSPORT.

Joining a Church is one of the best things you can do if you want to grow spiritually.  It puts you in a community with real people who can love you and hold you to account.  This is exactly what Jesus did with his disciples.  Jesus worked with groups of people, and his command for us to "love one another" wasn't something you can do by sitting in front of the TV on Sunday morning.  Just think about the Christians you admire most, the people with quiet spirits, and servant hearts.   They probably got that way by joining a Church, digging in, caring, learning, and adopting a life style of sacrificial giving.  If you want to grow in faith, join your Church.  I'm hoping the Church you choose is Asbury in Harrington.  This book will take you through the steps.