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Small Groups

Small Groups are
how people get involved, grow in Christ, 
and are cared for at Asbury Church.

Matthew 18:20

Where two or more 
are gathered in my name, 
I am there among them.

Acts 5:42 (NIV)

Day after day, in the temple courts 
and from house to house, 
they never stopped teaching 
and proclaiming the good news 
that Jesus is the Messiah.

Our groups have a variety of styles and formats
while still sharing the same purpose:
to make disciples of Jesus Christ
for the transformation of the world.

These are the small groups of Asbury.
We welcome new groups!

Beginners         Karen Heyd & Kay Schockley
Worshippers     Katie Sears
Seekers            Brenda Wyatt
The Pathfinders and Ever Ready classes  Barbara Brown
Lightseekers     Larry Jameson
Tuesday Bible Study   Jerrie Outten

Cathedral Choir
Heavenly Ringers
Memorial Committee
Honor & Appreciation Committee

United Methodist Women
United Methodist Men
Youth Group
Bulk Mail Volunteers

Mission Committee

Church Council
Finance Committee
Staff Parish Relations Committee
Board of Trustees

Leadership is important for the success
of each small group in our church.
We are committed to teaching women and men,
girls and boys how to grow in their walk with Christ
and how to help others do that too.

These are the qualifications for our small group leaders:
1)  have personal faith in Jesus Christ
2)  be a professing member of 
          Asbury United Methodist Church
          and regularly attend worship
3)  have a humble and teachable attitude
4)  have people skills,
         and know how to care for and lead a small group
5)  take a continuing education class 
         at least once every two years
         to learn more about leadership or ministry
6)  be accountable to the Pastor and Church Council