Grass Cutting

2013 Grass Cutting Schedule
for Asbury UMC in Harrington

April 14-20            Brode Family

April 21-27            Erik & Larry

April 28-May 4        Callaway Family

May 5-11                 (it rained)

May 12-18               Dave Buck

May 19-25               Dave Buck

May 26 - June 1       Brode Family

June 2-8                    Brode Family

June 9-15                 Snooky Collins

June 16-22              Callaway Family

June 23-29             Erik & Larry

July 7-13                Brode Family

July 14-20

July 21-27

July 28 - Aug 3

Aug 4-10                Brode Family

Aug 11-17

Aug 18-24

Aug 25-31

Sept 1-7

Sept 8-14

Sept 15-21

Sept 22-28

Sept 29 - Oct 5        Brode Family
1)   FORM A TEAM    divide and conquer!    
    That makes for good fellowship and safer too.

2)  Try and cut the grass later in the week 
        (on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday), 
so it looks good for Sunday.

3) Avoid exhausting grass into the flower beds.                        (Important to our church members)

4) Try not to exhaust grass on to the street.           (Important to the City of Harrington)

5) The best job involves a bit of push mower,         some weed wacking too,
    (not just the riding mower).  
    But we appreciate anything you do.

6) Due to our insurance company requirements
     no one under age 21 may operate a lawn    mower (push or riding type) at Asbury.

7) Please bring your own equipment to cut the grass at Asbury.