Project Mishpacha is supported by a grant from the Legacy Heritage Innovation Project of Legacy Heritage Programming,
an affiliate of the Legacy Heritage Fund.

ASBI is one of twenty synagogues in the country that were awarded grants in 2009-2010 as first-year grantees. The grant is renewable for up to three additional years.

Objectives of Project Mishpacha
1. Synagogue Community: Connect shul members to each other in meaningful ways, specifically bridging gaps between disparate demographics. Participants become more connected to and invested in the shul community.
2. Intergenerational bonds: Provide opportunities for participants to engage with individuals in a different stage of life. Provide a “surrogate extended family”, especially for those who live far from their own extended family.

3. Jewish Enrichment: Both adults and children will have meaningful Jewish experiences which will enrich the Mishpacha relationships. Children will find new Jewish role models and adults will gain exposure to new ideas. Every participant will move further along in his or her own Jewish journey.

Project Mishpacha Events

 Project Mishpacha is an opportunity for ASBI members to join a "mishpacha" (family) unit. Each Mishpacha is comprised of approximately 8-10 household units, which represent a cross-section of the shul demographics (empty nesters, younger singles, older singles, families with kids of various ages, married couples without kids). The Mishpacha gathers for the following events:

Shabbat events happen once a month, and alternate between…

Shabbat Oneg (every other month): This is an event that takes place at the shul, usually based around an upcoming holiday. All the Mishpachot are together at the shul, but each Mishpacha works on its own with holiday-related activities or games.


Shabbat Meal (every other month): This is either a lunch or dinner, depending on the time of year. Each Mishpacha gathers at the home of one of the Mishpacha participants. To avoid any Kashrut or financial constraints, the main course of the meal is catered, while other parts of the meal (ex. Salad, chumus, drinks, etc.) are potlucked. The meal includes a Mishpacha activity or discussion, specially designed to engage all the members of the group in a meaningful and fun Shabbat experience. A Mishpacha might choose to sing some songs from the Project Mishpacha Shiron.

Chesed Outing (twice per year): In December and May, the Mishpachot participate in a Chesed (social justice) outing of their choice. Options will be provided, and each Mishpacha will decide as a group which they would like to do, or will come up with an idea of their own!

Mishpacha of the Month: Each month, one Mishpacha is featured on the bulletin board in the shul lobby, as well as on the website. This is the Mishpacha's opportunity to introduce themselves to the larger shul community, including photos and brief bios about the members of the Mishpacha.