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Delve even further into Claire and Jamie's Scotland—and beyond—with the collected multimedia sources below.

A Celebration of Scottish Music

Various artists
Temple, 1988. CD

AMG All Music Guide 2010, reviewed by Steve Winick

This collection of Scottish music is an excellent representation of tunes performed in a traditional style from some of the country’s leading artists. Included to give good examples of the particular styles associated with Scottish music (e.g. bagpipes).

The BBC has made available this fascinating and diverse collection of archival audio and video footage, offering a glimpse of 20th century Scottish life as experienced through the sights and sounds of the people who lived there. This source is included for the unique material it presents, as well as the chance to connect more immediately with interested others via the links to forums, the newsletter and live chat provided.

The Outlander Series-Overture

BBC - Scottish Roots
The BBC, renowned and respected for decades as a trusted media source, produced this site offering an array of resources for those curious about tracing their Scottish heritage. From a step-by-step process walkthrough to an extensive list of further links and sources, this site is a great jumping off point for both the casual and more dedicated researcher.

Scotland's People
With almost 80 million records to access, Scotland's People is one of the largest online sources of original genealogical information. An indispensable resource for both the casually interested amateur and advanced researcher.

My Outlander Purgatory
A fan site devoted to all things Outlander, offering links to related sites, book discussions, blogs, chat, and events.

A stunning suite of original music, created by a fan inspired by Outlander.

Local Hero

Local Hero
Directed by Bill Forsyth, with Burt Lancaster, Pieter Riegert, Fulton Mackay
Goldcrest Films International, 1983. DVD.

  AMG All Movie Guide 2010, reviewed by Dan Jardine

In order to drill for oil in the North Sea, an American oil tycoon sends his best man into the Highlands to convince a small Scottish village to sell out and let him take over. A lovely little film, it not only provides breathtaking views of the rugged Highland landscape, but also offers a glimpse into the spirit of a small Scottish community and its way of life.