"As Simple As Paper" Apps for Android

Here at ASAP Apps for Android you'll find information about the two apps we have available on the Android Market.

ASAP Lists makes it easy to the do the job of creating a simple check list.  In fact, it's as simple as paper.  You can make lists of anything you'd like, categorize them according whims, dictate your list items, then clean up and combine the entries through our unique voice results interface.  It's fast, it's easy, useful and reliable.

ASAP Pics makes it easy to share a photo by email  with lists of friends.  If find the process of taking a picture, starting an email, typing in all the addresses and finding the image with the tiny thumbnails in the gallery and attaching it to the message to be slow and cumbersome (sort of like the previous sentence).  ASAP Pics integrates the taking and sending the picture into one simple app.  If you're always sending out photos by email to the same lists of friends and family ASAP Pics will make your life easier.
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