Pacific Division Meeting - April 6th to 8th 2016

Asilomar Conference Grounds

Pacific Grove, California

April 6 – 8, 2016

A great many thanks to all our participants this year, whether you took to the stage or not!

If the meeting was a success, it owes first and foremost to the astounding quality of your presentations and comments, as well as to your passionate involvement in the conversations that occurred after the talks, at the dinner table, at the reception... or on the beach!

Special thanks to Peg, Jennifer, Nick, and Shelby for stepping in at the last minute to either chair or comment when we met unforeseen problems with our program.


As we hope to make next year's conference even better, please make sure to send any comment or suggestion you might have at our email address:

May you all have traveled home safely. 
And please join us again next year, April 5th to 7th.


The Asilomar Conference Grounds on the Monterey peninsula have served as the stage for the Pacific Division Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetics for over 40 year. The idyllic setting at Asilomar has traditionally produced a strong program with a broad draw from within philosophy of art. The 2015 meeting hosted a special panel on embodiment and the arts with Sean Kelly (Harvard University), Alva Noë (University of California, Berkeley), and David Davies. Other recent contributors have included Stephen Davies, Peter Kivy, Dom Lopes, Derek Matravers, Jenefer Robinson, and Kendall Walton.



You can find a copy of the program here (just copy and paste the link):


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