Alessandro Saia
Post-Doctoral Researcher -  University of Lausanne  

Dept. of Economics - University of Lausanne
Quartier UNIL-Chamberonne - Internef 501
CH - 1015 Lausanne (Switzerland)

Phone: + 41 77 95 69 59 8
Skype: alessandro.saia
Email: alessandro.saia /at/


Random Interactions in the Chamber: Legislators’ Behavior and Political Distance Journal of Public Economics [2018] [pdf]
    Media Coverage: National Affairs 

Choosing the Open Sea: The Cost to the UK of Staying Out of the Euro - Journal of International Economics [2017] [pdf]

Policy Papers (based on research conducted while I was at the OECD - Economics Department)

The Costs of Firm Exit and Labour Market Policies: New Evidence from Europe
(with D. Andrews - OECD, and  I. Ferrari - MEA-MPI) - The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 

The Demand for Safe Assets in Emerging Economies and Global Imbalances: New Empirical Evidence
(with R. Ahrend and C. Schwellnus - OECD) - The World Economy 

Credit, Endogenous Collateral and Risky Assets: A DSGE Mode
        (with M. Falagiarda, ECB) - International Review of Economics & Finance 
        Winner of Best Poster Award 5th IFABS Conference 

Spillovers from the Global Productivity Frontier and Public Policy [pdf]
(with D. Andrews and S. Albrizio - OECD)  


Political and Institutional Economics 
        Syllabus -  Teaching evaluations: [AY 17/18] [AY 16/17] 

Popular Press 

(EN) Italy and the Euro: Myths and realities (with P. Manasse and T. Nannicini), VoxEU  [link]

(ES) Más dinero para derrotar la deflaciónelEconomista [link]

(IT) All'Italia conviene la moneta unica? (with P. Manasse and T. Nannicini), Linkiesta [link]


(IT) Gli effetti dell'Euro sull'economia italiana (with P. Manasse and T. Nannicini), ed. Linkiesta [link]