Featured November  2016:  
The Education of an Economist: Economic laws hold in an imaginary world populated by rational robots -- they have no relation to actual human economic history.Short 700 word article for general audiences

Inspirational: URDU Lecture on Message of Iqbal to Muslim Youth: (Video 72min)


OTHER POSTS of a radical nature

A  series of posts explaining why the idea of "Social Science" is fundamentally flawed, as scientific methodology cannot be applied to the study of human beings and societies.

First Post: The Misconceived Project of Social Science About 1000 words.

A collection of short posts on diverse topics is available from my Author Page at LinkedIn

Revisiting the Foundations of Probability -- Explains why frequentist and Bayesian definitions of probability are wrong, and how we can provide a new definition of probability which overcomes these difficulties.  URDU lecure on this topic Foundations of Probability (Video: 73 min)

My all time MOST POPULAR post EVER, which has been attracting hundreds of hits every week for more than two years:

Featured Articles on Islamic Economics

URDU lecture: Introduction to Islamic Economics ( Video: 96 min)
Lecture delivered to class of PIDE students in AR Kemal Room on 7th Dec, 2015. 1 hr lecture on SOUNDCLOUD, as Intro to Islamic Economics