Saeid Asadi

IT (PhD), LIS (MSc)
Saeid Asadi

Assistant Professor at the Department of Knowldege and Information Sicence, Faculty of Humanities,
Shahed University, Tehran, Iran; 


Head of Group at the Informetrics Research Group,Iranian Research Instrtute for Information Science and Technology, IRANDOC

Member of Management Board 
of the Iranian Library and Information Association, ILISA

I graduated from the School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering, ITEE, at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, with a PhD in Information Technology in August 2008. I studied at the Data and Knowledge Engineering Group, DKE, and researched the current issues on location-based Web search and IR under supervision of Professor Xiaofang Zhou and Professor Joachim Diederich

Currently, I am an assistant professor and member of faculty at the LIS Department of Shahed University, Tehran, Iran. I am also involved in several research and professional activities including those related to ILISA, IRANDOC and the MSRT.

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